Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Wet monday

Last week was quite dry and a few showers only. Yesterday, as I and our two guests went to Svartfjell we had rain and got back soaked.

And today we started out with dry boots and rain gear, heading for Døra and Mya, but when we came to the bridge crossing Mya we saw it was flooding, and the last 2 meters that usually is a dry flat rock, was covered with flushing water. So today's walk was 2 km. long. And got back even more soaked if that is possible.

The last 24 hours it has been raining 39 mm. That equals 39 cm snow, for those who are interested.

But now it is said to be better, for those who believes in weather forecasts......

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sun and rain

It has been great week. Mixed weather, good temperature for walking, nice tours and good company. We have just had a nice day out walking from Doralseter to Straumbu, 23km with some spectacular views of the high peaks of Rondane.
The weather will pretty much remain the same for the next week too, rainshowers, sun, clouds and temperature between 7-15 Celsius. I will be out for a few weeks, but we try to maintain the site, so please check it out.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


End of an interesting week. We have managed to test our waterproof gears and spent several quality days in norwegian weather. Sunshine, clouds, rain, snow, wind were all on our menu (see pictures above from Muen area).
Now we are back on partly cloudy, calm days for a short period. Temperature is between 7-12 Celsius.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Rainy days

Back on grey colour and waterproof mode or we just hope to find gear which does the job in these days. It has been raining for pretty much 2 days now, someone left the tap badly open.
Temperature has dropped too, lowest was +5 Celsius today and we even had a snowfall on our trip close to Ramstinden, but no complaints we enjoyed the hills, it was not crowded at all :)
Next few days seem similar, but change is coming :) Anyone interested in ski touring next week?

Sunday, 5 July 2009

End of week, end of hot summer days

We had some amazing summer days in the last two weeks, but seems like it is not on forever. Unstable weather, cooler temperature and some precipitation are on the way. It is 10 Celsius now, low clouds, drizzle, light breeze. Just a few pictures above as a reminder of our tours of the past days. "Rondaslottet and Hogrunden blocks" close to Doralseter.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Summer showers, warm days

Summer continues, huge high pressure system is sitting above us developing some mixed weather conditions. Few thunderstorms and showers have passed us in the last few days. We had our record temperature: +26 Celsius. Seems like whole Scandinavia is having fun in this heat.
We have started mixing up our guided trips with some open water swimming, it has been great. Today we summitted on Hogrunden (3rd highest peak in the Rondane National Park), see the route on picture and some snow patches along the way. And another interesting photo from winter and summer, this time lets look at Dora Canyon from Veslefjell peak.