Monday, 31 January 2011

Marking trails

Today was the day for marking trails to the nearby DNT huts. From Brennflya to Grahogdbu and from there towards Dorfallet and also to Fremre Uksan. We also marked from Indre Uksan to Eldabu. The condition was a bit of a mix, many places the wind has moved a lot of snow away, so we saw vegetation and rocks showing, other places like around Eldabu hut there was a lot of snow.
Grahogdbu area was also windblown and many of the water holes towards Brennflya were visible. Generally speaking it is a mixed condition with hard and soft snow and some visible rocks and vegetation.
Although we were occupied with marking trails we still managed to stop and look at the surroundings: spotting animal tracks (wolverine, reindeer, hare, fox), and looking at the cloud formations. Great day out!


Weather update at 7AM: -11.5 Celsius, light breeze from W-SW, partly cloudy, good visibility. Most of the trails were prepared yesterday.

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Good morning! After a rather windy and mixed day, today we have a more normal one. Weather at 7AM: -7.1 Celsius, light breeze from S-SW, good visibility, we had about 2cm of fresh snow yesterday, which is probably ended up in the valley. It was nice to see new snow falling and we look forward to more of it. Trails cut yesterday morning were: Trimloypa, Spidsbergseter to Lundes, Trabelia and Kyrkjegardsfjellet loops and Kvandalen-Dorhogda-Fremre Uksan loop.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Good morning and weekend! 7AM: -5.9 Celsius, light air from S, good visibility.
11AM: -3.8 Celsius, gentle breeze from W-NW - with some very strong gusts, visibility is changing from blizzard (snowfall) to partly cloudy/sunny conditions. Most of the trails are being or have been prepared, but probably in open areas the trails will not last long.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Mild and windy again

Weather and trail update at 7AM: -1.4 Celsius, gentle breeze with some stronger gusts, partly cloudy, good visibility. Seems like the weather is playing its role in these days. Trails are still holding, but some spots you see more vegetation and a few rocks coming through. Off piste areas are much harder, but you can still find some hollow and soft areas. Most of the trails are in order: Svartfjellet, Indre Uksan, Trabeliafjellet, Kyrkjegardsfjellet, Trimloype were all prepared in the last 36hrs.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Weather update at 7AM: -6.3 Celsius, gentle breeze from NW, partly cloudy. We are probably looking at another fine day. Most of the trails have been cut again in the last 36hrs.
We had a nice "mixed condition" tour on Veslefjellet with some beautiful light conditions.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Foggy morning

Good morning. The temperature has returned close to our avarage this morning: -15.9 Celsius, light breeze from W-NW, foggy. It seems like we are experiencing the full chart of weather possibilities in the last few days. After reaching +2 Celsius temperature, we had very strong wind, little snowfall and now we are on fog and cold. The wind has moved a lot of snow from many areas, so most of the mountains have started to look greyish. Despite all these facts the trail conditions look rather good and we can start looking at "off piste" tour options as well.
Of course getting more snow in the near future would be great news. As the weather forecast looks, there is now snow in the horizon. Pn these pictures: Venabygdsfjellet from Kvitfjell and Rondane National Park from Langbakken.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Windy night, "blue" condition

Good morning! Weather update at 7AM: back to almost normal -7.8 Celsius, fresh breeze from N, good visibility. I guess this strong wind will keep us in the forrest today. Actually it helps us also making the top layer of snow pretty hard, so we could start planning our "off piste" tours.

Monday, 24 January 2011


Weather update at 7AM: -0.3 Celsius, light breeze from W-SW, good visibility, partly cloudy.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

"Positive" change

Good morning! After weeks/months of subzero temperature now we are enjoying the change which could help the snow structure and off piste conditions. Hopefully it will stay only for a short period and then we could get ready for some fresh snow.
Weather update at 7AM: +0.4 Celsius, windy-moderate breeze from W-NW, good visibility.
Trails in the forrested areas are/were in good order.
11PM update: windy day, temperature reached +1.5 Celsius, challenging tour towards Grahogda and Brennflya peaks.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Milder Saturday

Weather update at 8AM: -3.7 Celsius, gentle breeze from W-NW, partly cloudy. It has been fairly windy overnight, so most of the trails in open areas will be snowcovered. Milder temperatures and strong wind are expected for this weekend.
1PM update: despite of the windy condition, most of the trails on the South have been cut: Trabeliafjellet, Kyrkjegardsfjellet and central areas connecting Lundes, Venabu Fjellhotell and Spidsbergseter.

Friday, 21 January 2011


Weather update at 6AM: -9.1 Celsius, light air from N-NE, good visibility. We are expecting warmer temperatures in next days. Trails are fading a bit bit still in reasonable condition.
Nice tour around Svartfjellet- first time this season- reasonable trail condition with some tough steeper parts.

Indre Uksan

Yesterday we had a great time cutting our own trail up to Kvandalen and approaching Indre Uksan from the West, before we come back towards Bollia and Saltashaugen areas. The views were fantastic and some parts we even had a chance to stay in tracks. Svartfjellet Rund has been cut again and Kvandalen has been cut first time, please take care of you go in those directions.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Weather and trail update at 7AM: -14.5 Celsius, light breeze from N-NW, clear sky. Trails are in good order including Kyrkjegardsfjellet/Trabeliafjellet/Veslefjellet rounds, Trimloypa, central trails and Oygardsseter-Indre Uksan- Dorhogda-Svarthammern-Spidsbergseter loop, Svartfjellet round has been driven, but some parts are not ready yet (if you want to try it, please do it from the North-safer).

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday sunrise

Good morning at 7AM: -8.8 Celsius, light breeze from west, clear sky, great visibility, looking forward to another sunny day and good skiing/snowshoeing. The weather seems stable for the next few days.

Sunny days

Yesterday we had two guided tours and we really enjoyed the sunny weather and snowcovered world.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Weather update at 7 AM: Back to solid "blue wax condition", -10 Celsius, light air, clear sky with a few clouds, almost full moon. Veslefjellet and Trimløype trails are prepared as well along with most of the trails to the South and central areas (Forbundsfjellet, Indre uKsan , Svartfjellet are still not pisted).

Monday, 17 January 2011

Mild Monday

Weather update at 7AM: -4.2 Celsius, light air from E-SE, low visibility(fog). According to the forecast it should get colder for the rest of the week.
Trails prepared yesterday were: Trabeliafjellet and Kyrkjegardsfjellet Rounds, trail to Jønnhalt Gjesteseter and most of the trails in the central area connecting Lundes, Venabu Fjellhotell and Spidsbergseter.
We had a great day with amazing light conditions.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Good morning at 7AM: -7.8 Celsius, light breeze from SE, fair visibility and more snow came in last 24hrs: approx. 7cm.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Weather update at 7AM: -11.9 Celsius, light air from SE, fair visibility,it is snowing. The change arrived yesterday evening, first the temperature dropped to -20 C and gradually warmed up during the night, then started snowing. We are expecting warmer weather for tomorrow closing to the zero range.

Friday, 14 January 2011


Weather and trail update at 7AM: -20 Celsius, light breeze from N-NE, clear sky. We are expecting more snow for Saturday and milder temperature. Most of the trails are prepared including: Kyrkjegardsfjellet/Trabeliafjellet/Veslefjellet rounds, up to Dorhogda and Indre Uksan are only driven(no tracks) and most of the trails in the central part are cut.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cold morning

Seems like we are back on our avarage morning temperatures,but hopefully we get some milder weather soon to fix the "sugar like"- snow condition. It does not have an effect on the trails, but more on off piste options. Weather update at 7AM: -18.7 Celsius, light air from N, good visibility. More trails will be ready today (Indre Uksan is only driven, Svartfjellet and Forbundsfjellet are still not cut)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Back to normal

Good morning! Weather update at 7AM: -7.5 Celsius, light breeze from N-NW, partly cloudy and about 10cm of fresh snow in last 24hrs. We have definitely passed half a meter of snow depth. It is time for trail maintenance. Weather forecast: sunny - partly cloudy days and colder temperatures are expected and maybe another change this weekend, which could bring more precipitation. The following trails have been prepared: Trabeliafjellet and Kyrkjegardsfjellet Rundt, almost all the trails in the central areas and we have been out looking at Veslefjellet area, which will be ready tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

It is snowing

After a windy morning yesterday we had a beautiful late afternoon. Overnight the change slowly moved in and brought about 2.5cm of fresh snow. Weather update at 7AM: -5.3 Celsius, light air from S-SE, overcast and snowing, limited visibility. We are expecting light snowfall all day long.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Windy night and day

Weather update at 7AM: -5.8 Celsius, gentle breeze from W-SW, cloudy, around 3cm of snow in last 24hrs. It has been rather windy last night causing some snowdrifts in the area, hopefully it settles today before the new snow comes tomorrow. We checked the snow depth: 41cm. The condition is getting better and better and the machines are preparing trails almost every day in most of the areas (only Svartfjellet Rundt, Indre Uksan, Veslefjellet areas have not been prepared)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Extra snow

Good morning! We woke up for a nice clear day with some new snow covering our area. Weather update at 7AM: -8.7 Celsius, light breeze from S-SE, clear sky, about 8cm of fresh snow in last 24hrs and the depth is around 40-45cm now. More trails have been cut yesterday including Kyrkjegardsfjellet Rundt and Trabeliafjellet, of course with the new snow they all have a new look.
We are expecting strong wind and snowdrifting for today.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday trail update

Good morning at 7AM: -15 Celsius, light air from N, overcast. After a sunny day we are expecting mixed conditions and more snow coming in next 36hrs. Great news is that you can see machine prepared trails from today on on following trails: Frisketjonn-Spidsbergseter- Dorhogda- Fremre Uksan- Spidsbergseter. Also skidoo prepared trails on: Venabufjellhotel- Buhaugen- Frisketjonn- Lundjonn, Holtesetervegen(partly because of the raod clearing)- Granhaugen, Venabufjellhotel- Stormyra- Saltashaugen plus Trimloypa.

Friday, 7 January 2011

What a day!

We had a fantastic day experiencing many colours and conditions. We had a nice trip around Trebeliafjellet and were stunned by the lights and colourful views.


Weather update at 7AM: -10 Celsius, light air from S-SE, fair visibility, about 4cm of fresh snow in last 24hrs. We are looking ahead of a nice day with probably not much precipitation and expecting more snow for tomorrow.