Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The perfect automn week

I have to show you all some photos from the perfect autumn week! Almost like summer. Still warm days, still quit long days, and a small, very nice group, with two ladies that some of you might recognize from winter season... We all enjoyed it! -And they got a very different impression of the area, with no snow.
The waterfall (Myfallet)

The back of Muen

The top of Muen

Picking berries

The Sollia area

The top of Storronden (2138m) in Rondane

...and a tourleader that is smiling, even on the last day!!


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Summer ending

It has been a great summer with lots of events, activities and fun happening around Venabygdsfjellet. The season is almost over and the colors have already started changing - soon we will be getting excited about our winter season, but first let`s just enjoy the autumn wonders.