Saturday, 25 April 2009

Still on skis

Just a spring weather and trail condition update: +11 Celsius, sunny, light breeze. Most of the trails are fading and the snow is getting very slushy, but some of the trails like Indre Uksan round is still in a reasonable state. Probably the best time to go out early morning both for classic and skating too. I tested the trails this afternoon towards Uksan and it was nice, it gave me a good strength exercise ;)

End of the winter season

Good morning everyone. We have to announce the official end of our winter season 2008/09. This last week was just amazing and all our disabled friends were more than happy to enjoy their annual winter parade here at Venabu Fjellhotell. They have been looking forward to this event for a whole year and I am sure we are all satisfied with the wonderful result. Mainly sunny week and lots of interesting programs such as pulka-race, ski race, snow carting, singing, grill party outside and many more activities framed this special occasion.
In a few days we officially close for a month and reopen in June starting our summer season. I hope we see some of you here soon and thanks for enjoying our blog, please check it out often we might have some news for you during our "down time".
There is still enough snow to ski, so don`t be shy coming up.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wet tracks

Venabu is one of few places where are freshly cut tracks now.
But the conditions are wet, and some of the tracks are full of water. You can even risk ski through ponds on your way.

Like I did today, as we were out with the toboggans, I managed to steer my cart so I was on the edge of the ice, with a result that the next cart after me went straight through the pond and the two in the cart had a nice wet cold bath. And of course a lot of laughs afterwards.

It is +6 now, so the clothes are drying quite quickly. Still nice sunny and the snow is dissapearing. The mountains are more and more zebra-like now.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Disabled week

Silje and her snowchicken

The last week of this season has started.
And as usual there are lots of activities, for all and everybody. There is possible to ski, ski cart, toboggan after a Snowmobile, like you see on the pictures above or just sit outside in the sun.

And there are nobody who are disappointed this week.

Tomorrow there is dog sledging.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Good morning! Back in winter, 6AM: -8 Celsius. Seems like the weather is working on the forecast :) Yesterday a few of us went out to simulate the race and stimulate our body and mind with a good workout. It did it, fast pace and enjoyable run around Indre Uksan and on Trolloypa. After the first half we had no more klister (ice klister) on so we mainly "double poled" the rest of the distance.
More marking stick collecting in the next days. (Dorfallet, Grahogbu, Fremre Uksan areas)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Time to unmark the trails.

As we have to mark the trails in beginning of December, there is also a time for taking the bamboo sticks down.

Today, as Robert went to Måsåplassen, I unmarked all the trails close to Kyrkjegardsfjell, Jønnhalt and Forbundsfjell. So the trails south of the road will now slowly but surely disappear by themselves.

There were some people from our neighbor, KIWI Lundes, who unmarked the Trabelifjell area and close to Lundes.

Tomorrow we will start doing the same with the trails in the mountains. Veslefjell, up to Gråhøgdbu and eventually up to Eldåbu.

Right now we have cold nights and warm days, so the snow is crusty. And that is perfect conditions to unmark.

Our last guided tour to Masaplasen

Another great tour on the hills and along the Trolloypa. Unfortunately the Troll Ski Marathon was cancelled, so all the competitors do not have the opportunity to have a last go on the Trolloypa this winter. As you all know the startline is very close to Venabu Fjellhotell and the first 25km of the race moves from here to Oksendalen. This was the trip we did today with some extra loops up on the surrounding peaks. The trail condition was just ok with some interesting water obstacles close to 20km. I can imagine the conditions closer to the end of the course. I hope that next year we will enjoy the Troll Ski Marathon again. Other than that our day was just fantastic. I look forward to some training this weekend. Good and fast trails on Venabygdfjellet: Trolloypa has been cut to Remma and also Trabeliafjellet and Indre Uksan loops are ready for testing.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Day off in Kvitfjell

Robert and I have normally used our wednesdays in the downhill arena of Kvitfjell. Robert training Telemark style and me improving my downhill style. Here is Robert trying to do some Telemark tricks.

But as we all know, if you don't do it all the time then you end up on the ground.
Robert in front of the new appartment building, "Krystallen" (the Crystal).

Troll Ski Marathon is cancelled!

We are really sorry, but the Troll Marathon has been cancelled by the officials this afternoon. Please contact the race organizers if you need more information. Seems like the hotel will not be busy tomorrow night.
Weather update: 1PM: +4 Celsius, overcast, light rain showers all morning, expecting sunny hours later on and colder night. Trails have not been cut for a few days now, but still good enough for skiing. (wax: ice klister base and aqua klister on top.)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

April`s mix

Back on the screen with my April`s picture collection. This is Robert again, thanks to Karl Thomas you have managed to follow all the important things happening around us. Spring is here bringing some challenging conditions, but luckily enough the snow is still holding well. Despite the fact we use klister on our skis we still just as happy as in January - having longer,warm and sunny days around the hills of Venabygdfjellet makes our lives very enjoyable.
Troll Marathon is here soon, seems like we might have some icy condition to start with and some slush later on. Wax tip: Ice klister base and vario klister on top. We will see...

Monday, 13 April 2009

Thawing days

Sorry for not updating every day.

The sun has struck us really hard the last few days. Last night was even plus degrees all night through. Temperature this morning was 0, and there is not a cloud in the sky.

Yesterday we even had a bit of rain comming down from the sky.

Now it is back to sunny days and cold nights.

The Troll Ski Marathon, from Venabu to Lillehammer will take place on saturday 18.April.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Late easter update

Today it was a nice Good Friday. We arranged our traditional Easter costume race, and it was pretty good conditions. The participants were kids from 2-16 years, and the average time was 15 minutes.
We had a easter bunny theme this year, and that seems to be a winner. Have to keep that in mind for later years.

Temperature in air was +11 and in the snow it was 0, so it is back to red wax.

Late tonight I heard a lot of bird noise, screaming and yelling. So I realized that the Grey goose is on it's way, and that's quite early this year.

I have already killed my first mosquito and now the geese. Spring will be just around the corner now....But we still have 90 cm of snow, so there is still a while to go.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Activities in the snow

Harald in good mood in front of Dynjefjell.
Miriam is making snowmen with the kids, after we got 15 cm new snow last night.
Anne and Solveig is checking out the activities that is happening these easter days.

Snowy wednesday


After a long period of sun and ice, the clouds came and the morning started with 11 cm new snow. As usual at this time of year, it was around 0 degrees so waxing was a bit of a problem. Well, one things for sure. The klister we've used the last few days has to be cleaned.......

And it is still snowing......Wonder how much we will end up with the last 24 hours ???

Monday, 6 April 2009

Pictures from sunday and monday

This picture was taken monday morning as we were heading for Indre uksan and Karl Thomas nephews were heading in a similar direction. Probably for a hot choclate stop at Spidsbergseter :)

Taken on sunday as we skied over to the canyon, and Freya is a very good model.

Anne passing Saltashaugen on the way to the canyon on sunday.

Monday report

Another warm day.

+6 degrees, sunny and our marvelous gluey stuff (Klister) is the only thing that works under these conditions. Ice klister, to be on the safe side.

We are devided into two groups as usual, and Robert went over to Måsåplassen and Øksendalen today. I (Karl Thomas) went for Tverrhøgda and Fremre Uksan, very hard and icy traverse down to Uksan but we managed to get down in one piece.

It is dripping more and more from all the roofs now, and it is 4-5 cms. less snow every day.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

End of week

Good evening.

Another sunny day. Most of us working here are getting sun tanned now. +6 as maximum today, and 0 as minimum, so the snow is slowly but surely leaving us. A tiny breeze and a few clouds during day kept us happy. The clouds came later in the day, so it seems like the warmth is staying, and it won't be a too cold night.

We skied around Veslefjell today, that was groomed last night, as it is better to groom it late evening and then it can freeze till the early sun light heats the snow up again.

Klister has stuck us, and today yellow klister was the perfect choice.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Warm april days

Good morning.

These first days in april have been sunny and nice to be outside.
Maximum the last two days have been +6 degrees, which means the snow is quickly dissapearing in the sunny sides of the mountains.

At 8am it was -2 and now it is quite icy, so klister or tapegrip is the thing to use.

Sunny, not to much clouds and a litte bit of wind.

All together a nice day to be outside. And we still have 93 cm of snow.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday 3rd April

Good morning.

Last night the maximum temperature was +4, right now it is +1 and it is 98 cm of snow.

It is lightly clouded and a mild breeze. So just get out there and get your easter tan :)
But remember to put on the sun cream.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Outside beer....

Good morning. As you can see, soon it is possible to have a beer outside. Yesterday it was +2 degrees as maximum, and the sun is going really high now. Today it is quite warm too, even though it is a thin layer of clouds.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sunny April start

Good morning.
Today was blue skies, seeing white Rondane in the distance, no wind and -5.
And you just wished you could sit outside with factor 8 and do absolutely nothing. Just get the tan crawling up your body.

And with 101 cm of snow, there is still a lot of snow to take from.
Since there has not been so much wind since the tracks were cut yesterday, the tracks should be in good conditions.

Greetings from Robert

Few more days and I will be back in Venabu. Looking at the pictures and updates from Karl Thomas it seems like winter is still hanging on. I spent a week in the Alps being assessed as a mountain guide and amazingly enough I managed to pass all the tests :) I also spent some time on skis too, but since I was using fishscale skis it was not the same experience as I am used to. No complaints at all, but it is time to return :)