Saturday, 25 April 2009

Still on skis

Just a spring weather and trail condition update: +11 Celsius, sunny, light breeze. Most of the trails are fading and the snow is getting very slushy, but some of the trails like Indre Uksan round is still in a reasonable state. Probably the best time to go out early morning both for classic and skating too. I tested the trails this afternoon towards Uksan and it was nice, it gave me a good strength exercise ;)

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Haye og Greet Drost said...

At the end of the winterseason over there, coming out of my sun-bath in our green garden ( 20 degrees ) I want to thank you very very much for this Blog !
From and during the start of the winterseason I visited this very interessting site and its beautifull pictures at least 4 times weekly and I enjoyed it. We were in our hytte in October and February again, unfortenulately not "i Juletiden" but we will return the 12th of July and visit the hotel in any case.
Thank you once more and our greetings to the Tvete-family.

Ha det bra. Vi ses.
Hilsen Greet og Haye Drost