Friday, 17 April 2009

Time to unmark the trails.

As we have to mark the trails in beginning of December, there is also a time for taking the bamboo sticks down.

Today, as Robert went to Måsåplassen, I unmarked all the trails close to Kyrkjegardsfjell, Jønnhalt and Forbundsfjell. So the trails south of the road will now slowly but surely disappear by themselves.

There were some people from our neighbor, KIWI Lundes, who unmarked the Trabelifjell area and close to Lundes.

Tomorrow we will start doing the same with the trails in the mountains. Veslefjell, up to Gråhøgdbu and eventually up to Eldåbu.

Right now we have cold nights and warm days, so the snow is crusty. And that is perfect conditions to unmark.

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