Monday, 31 January 2011

Marking trails

Today was the day for marking trails to the nearby DNT huts. From Brennflya to Grahogdbu and from there towards Dorfallet and also to Fremre Uksan. We also marked from Indre Uksan to Eldabu. The condition was a bit of a mix, many places the wind has moved a lot of snow away, so we saw vegetation and rocks showing, other places like around Eldabu hut there was a lot of snow.
Grahogdbu area was also windblown and many of the water holes towards Brennflya were visible. Generally speaking it is a mixed condition with hard and soft snow and some visible rocks and vegetation.
Although we were occupied with marking trails we still managed to stop and look at the surroundings: spotting animal tracks (wolverine, reindeer, hare, fox), and looking at the cloud formations. Great day out!

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