Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday trail update

Good morning at 7AM: -15 Celsius, light air from N, overcast. After a sunny day we are expecting mixed conditions and more snow coming in next 36hrs. Great news is that you can see machine prepared trails from today on on following trails: Frisketjonn-Spidsbergseter- Dorhogda- Fremre Uksan- Spidsbergseter. Also skidoo prepared trails on: Venabufjellhotel- Buhaugen- Frisketjonn- Lundjonn, Holtesetervegen(partly because of the raod clearing)- Granhaugen, Venabufjellhotel- Stormyra- Saltashaugen plus Trimloypa.


Anonymous said...

Hej Robert.

We follow closely the update on the trail situation. Looking forward to come to Venabu week seven. The blog is very useful in our mental preparation for the skiing holiday. Thanks.
Niels, Birkerød, Denmark

Robert said...

Thank you for the comment! Keep blogging! See you soon.