Thursday, 19 March 2009

Muen Tour

Another amazing sunny day in the mountains. Today we had a 25km tour to the highest peak of Venabygdfjellet. Muen (1424m) , the cone shaped peak to the north, probably every single person who visited the area have taken a picture of this lovely peak. Climbing in winter could be challenging, since the conditions are not always favourable, high wind, icy and steep slopes or very deep snow, etc. could challenge the explorers. The view is stunning, on a good day you could see easily as far as 60-80km. We had a great view since the weather was absolutely fantastic: light air, sunny. We managed to spot a big herd of reindeers (north east, about 5km away) and all the big mountain ranges around. On the way back we visited Grahogdbu DNT hut and Dorfallet canyon. Exciting tour!

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, it was an exciting tour!

Thanks a lot,

Hilde & Joan