Sunday, 20 September 2009

Last week of walking in 2009

This week we had an organized walking program in co-operation with Norske Bygdeopplevelser and Vi over 60. It was an easier program compared to what we normally do, with Dørdalen and Mya on monday, Trabelifjell and Forbundsfjell on tuesday, Sollia on wednesday and Svartfjell and Dynjefjell on thursday. With a farwell dinner on thursday eve.

The weather was brilliant, with a few showers only. And we sang along all the way.

We were lucky with all the colours too, as we were progressing the week, there were less and less colours so now there are almost no colours anymore.

And now there are no more organized walks until mid june 2010.

By the way, the horses are gone too. They will be back around june 2010, as the summer holiday starts....

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