Thursday, 3 February 2011

New snow

Good morning! It has been a long time without fresh snow, I think we deserved some and now when I look out I see a nice blanket of fresh snow on the ground. Weather update at 6AM: -4.5 Celsius, light air from W, snowing (about 4cm so far), limited visibility. According to the weather forecast it will be overcast/partly cloudy, milder temperatures and just a little bit more snow -light snowfalls in the next days.


Haye said...

Hei Robert!
All's well with yoy?
Hope that you are busy with all kinds of work instead of being ill...I miss your daliy blog and beautifull pictures the last few days !
Wish you all the best.
Haye R. Drost

Robert said...

Thanks Haye. Sorry for the silence I have been away for a few days on ski orienteering event. I am back on my daily routine from now on.