Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Good morning at 7AM: -3.7 Celsius, moderate breeze from W-NW, partly cloudy, great visibility and nice sunrise! We had less than 1 cm of snow yesterday, afternoon/ evening wind from S-SE, overnight it changed to W-NW and warmed up more. We are expecting a day like this and a small change again in wind direction tomorrow. Temperatures stay in milder regions.
Today is a nice day to try Trolloypa to Masaplassen - having wind behind us. More later.

9PM: What a day! I have to say - the wind forecast was a bit off - direction was accurate, only the force was lacking. It was very challenging crossing up to Brennflya - it was more like strong breeze. Once we reached Stolshogda we were in a safe place and we really enjoyed the rest of the trip. We saw some amazing views - even a reindeer herd on a distant mountain.


Sabine said...

Robert! How have you been? :D You're still working in Venabu doint skitours and stuff? I think about my time there often :)

Can you pass on my regards to Lars, Haldis and everyone else I know? I should come by sometime next year. Will try to!


Robert said...

Thanks for your kind words. It is all great here! Greetings to you as well!