Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Soon December

16-18th of November we had perfect conditions for skiing, then the mild weather came...
We had about 0C in the mountains, so we got mostly wet snow, not so much rain, but the conditions turned rather bad. Then on Friday the 23rd it turned colder and we got a few cm of fresh snow on the top. So the fact is, now we have a rather hard base with fresh, soft snow on the top, and they forecast cold weather and maybe some more snow throughout the week! Perfect!!!

The photos are from Gålå, at the west side of Gudbrandsdalen, where I ski most as long as I'm not working at Venabu, but although it's the "wrong" place you can enjoy the nice light of the sunrise and the view towards Rondane with the fog below. The last photo is how it looks when children are asked to pretend they are swans when they are skiing. Try yourself, it's not easy!

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