Friday, 10 January 2014

More snow on the way

7 AM: -8 Celsius, gentle breeze from N, partly cloudy. Trails prepared in last 48 hours: Trabelia rundt, Kyrkjegardfjell rundt and to Jonnhalt and back towards Lauvasaa, Indre Uksan and Veslefjell roundt. At the moment Forbundsfjellet, Trimloypa, Dynjefjellet and Svartfjellet loops are not prepared - I guess they will be today.
Snow condition outside of trails: rather firm in open areas with some hollow parts around water catchment zones, around forest areas the snow is good, but some areas expect heavier skiing (breaking through) condition.
Snow in trails is hard and almost icy, some places higher up was softer. We would still call it a klister or at least klister based skiing condition.
Looking at weather forecast for the next days: it looks very promising with more snow coming from this evening on until Sunday morning. We hope we could get a few centimeters of snow to refresh the top layer and move back to "blue" condition.


Anonymous said...

Also counting down, 21 days to go. thank you and Wenche for the beautifull pictures. It helps keeping the good spirit in this miserable wet januari. We are hoping for white snow and green wax.
Kitty&Herman NL

Robert said...

Please keep blogging, we are glad it helps.