Saturday, 9 April 2016

End of season

This is the last day of the season! The hotel will still be busy, but not with ordinary groups, so no more guiding for Robert, Ingrid and me. We wish you all a nice summer, and hope to see you again next winter! A few photos from the last four months:


Anonymous said...

Thank you to all; enjoy the summer, and we look forward to seeing you next winter!
David & Frances

Haye said...

Hei på dere!
Tusen takk for all the information and beautfull photo's on this blog during this winter. We enjoyed it almost every day! We had a beautiful snowshoe walk with Robert in february. We planned to be back next winter; hope to see you there and then!
Med vennlig hilsen, Haye og Grete Drost fra Nederland.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your summer, we look forward to seeing you next year
Catherine, Max, Jake and Oscar Williams