Thursday, 12 February 2009

Masaplasen Tour

What a day again. Sunny, good snow, great views and some interesting things on the way to Masaplasen. Actually our trip was going on the old Trolloypa route with an additional climb on Stulshogdin close to Dorfallet. Since Trolloype has not been cut we cut our own trails, which was not so difficult today (mainly hard snow, about 25km). On the way up to Stulshogdin we found a carcass of a reindeer. Seemed about 2-3 weeks old, half burried in the snow and half eaten by local carnivores. Lot of fur and parts were scattered around the site, but it looked like the reindeer died by natural cause, since it was in a sleeping position. Later on we found a piece of reindeer skin, but nothing else around. Once again we enjoyed our last minutes in the beautiful sunset.

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