Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thursday (Jonnhalt - Forbundsfjell Tour)

We had a nice tour today to Jonnhalt Gjesteseter, which is an old farm and guest house on the south east part of Venabygdfjellet. The place was just lovely with all the snow covering it. After leaving the farm we headed back to Forbundsfjell and climbed it from the south, which is probably the most sensible option, since it is a steep climb. We had limited visibility, but great day out.

8AM: Good morning. Back on winter temperature after being scared by a warmer spell (-1 Celsius yesterday afternoon). -9 Celsius, light air,foggy, limited visibility, light snowfall. According to the forecast we could have about another 5-6cm of snow today, but looking at the last day`s weather it is unlikely (this is just my opinion).

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