Saturday, 12 December 2009

It is good to be back

Finally I am back at Venabu and I can give you a day to day update. As you all know we have plenty of snow and we could have started our season much earlier as locals and skiers did. I went out this morning to check snow depth and it was between 46-50cm and around -3 Celsius. Good condition for skating and classic, but only in tracks, since it is very loose off piste. The snow froze through several times and consolidated it, so now it is almost sugar type snow with a few distinctive layers reminding us about the different snowfalls we had in the past weeks. I will be out for more and check different areas and give you an overall update.

Took a few pictures, so you can all see how it looks now before Christmas. Driving up from Ringebu you will be surprised of the sudden change you see in snow depth, there is almost nothing in Ringebu and the snow/subzero line start just around Venabygd and above.

I looked at the forecast and pressure maps and it looked very dramatic a few days ago with that massive low pressure approaching from the Atlantic, but it has changed, so instead of -18 Celsius we are on a more bareable temperature range with -3 to -9 Celsius. Svartfjellet and Trabeliafjellet Loops are prepared today and Veslefjellet and Trimloypa are also from yesterday.

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