Sunday, 13 December 2009

Ski orienteering weekend

Another year has passed since I saw the ski orienteering group here. Almost 100 athletes gathered here to train and compete and get further preparation for the Ski-O season. They represtented many age groups and fought hard on this "2day- 3race" event.
Today was a bit "white" compare to yesterday's colourful scene as the clouds moved in, but it was still ideal: 8Am : -3.8 Celsius, light wind, cloudy-all white.
Few light snowfalls are expected, but nothing significant... and maybe a cold front?
Trails in the forests are better than in open areas, since we had windy condition yesterday further north. I did night skiing around Veslefjellet (night means 6PM) and it was windy, but really peaceful with clear sky (windblown tracks though).
One more week to get ready for the Christmas invasion.

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