Sunday, 18 April 2010

End of season

The last guests left yesterday, and the season has been good.
There has been weeks with an average of about 30-40 guests.

The daily temperatures are between -3 and +5, so slowly but surely we are entering springtime.
Even though there is still a lot of snow left, and we got a tiny sprinkle this morning of white snow (not Icelandic ash) we are closing until beginning of June.

Therefore also this blog will not be updated so regular.

Hope you will have some nice days and we see each other again in June.


Haye said...

My wife and I want to thank you so much for your enthousiastic daily-reports and wonderfull pictures during this winter. I can say we almost visited this blog every day. We enjoyd it very much. Hope you will be back soon and wish you a pleasant holiday. Please give our regards to the Tvete-family!
Hjertelig hilsen! Haye og Greet Drost

Unknown said...

Good luck with your Himalaya marathon!!
Maybe till next winter...