Sunday, 25 April 2010

Trail net closure

Today we managed to collect most of the bamboo marking sticks all over the trail net.
The only trails left is Brennflya-Gråhøgdbu and Stormyra-Saltashaugen, but they will be collected tomorrow.

The reason why we do it now is that it is cold nights and warm days, so it is a good crust (in Norwegian called Skare) to ski, snow shoe or even walk. So you don't really need the marking sticks anymore. In the Norwegian mountains it is allowed to go anywhere you like :)

Lars (dad) and I collected Eldåbu-Indre uksan and Fremre uksan-Gråhøgdbu today, and as we proceeded towards Gråhøgdbu it was a herd of 40 reindeers ahead of us, which didn't notice us, so they trottled along in a long row until two tourists came along and the reindeers ran away.

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