Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back to winter

Last Saturday the Troll skimarathon was arranged on nice conditions, but they decided to start 25 km further south, at Øksendalen (

Just after the marathon had finished it started to snow and the area got 30-60 cm of fresh snow within a few days.

This is the last week of the winterseason at Venabu. Just like every year, that is the wintersportweek for disabled people. This year with really winterconditions!

Apart from Venabu, there is not many people in the mountains now. That's sad, since it's so beautiful! I went skiing yesterday; freshly cut tracks and blue extra/violet conditions. Today I took my son to Kvitfjell; 30 cm of new, soft, fresh snow and 10-15 people in the whole alpinearea, during the whole day! Those people had a once-in-a-lifetime-experience!!! :-)

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