Monday, 9 April 2012


Everybody that reads this blog know that it was warm, too warm, before Easter. While last Easter just melted away, this Easter was different. The temperature changed from +10 to -10 within a few days. That made the tracks very hard, but with a few cm of snow on the top most places, it was still possible to ski, especially in the higher areas. In addition to skiing, the tracks was perfect for walking, and you could also walk everywhere else, so Svartfjell, Trabelifjell and Kyrkjegardsfjell where nice places to enjoy the good view. Some people also realized that it was perfect for biking.

The photos represent some of my memories from this Easterholiday. They are not taken at Venabygdsfjellet, but at Kvamsfjellet, about 35 km further north.

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