Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ski trails

Good afternoon at 3PM:-20Celsius, light air, good visibility. Brilliant day out , managed to prepare some trails and cut a single classic track with a skidoo. At the moment there is a little loop towards trimloypa, it does not go all the way, but it is about 3.5km. There is a trail going from Venabu Fjellhotell to Buhaugen, Frisketjonn (trail to Lundes from here and back to Venabu) and up towards Svartfjellseter (after the gate it becomes a double track) and back. Also another one to Stormyra and after about 200m turns left and runs across the lake and terrain until it reaches a road where it turn left and passes Buvatnet and joins the track from Venabu (please see map). Most of the summer roads are good for skiing as well, but watch out for cars - somehow there are a few.

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