Monday, 14 January 2013


7AM: -20.9, light air from N-NE, clear. Temperatures in valleys and around streams, rivers are much colder now, down at Lundes it was -25 Celsius around 7AM.
Once it is sunny it feels so much warmer. We are expecting even colder weather tomorrow, but slightly changing - "warming up" for rest of the week.
Trail update: Almost all southern and eastern trails were prepared last week and they are in fair condition. Svartfjellet and the North have not been prepared or even marked this year - hopefully there will be some improvement on it soon. If you are planning to go into those directions, please take a detailed map, compass/gps and your skiing and navigation skills.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert and Wenche, thank you very much for the wonderfull pictures and updates. Our countdown to feb 2 has started a few weeks ago with a daily look at the site. Looking forward to see you and trying out the new Dynjefjell-loype. Hopefully the problems in the north will be solved soon.
Temperature here is slightly below zero and already a lot of people with skating-fever.
Kitty + Herman Haarlem NL

Robert said...

Many thanks for your words. See you soon here. Keep reading us.