Saturday, 5 January 2013

Seven out of seven

What a streak in the last days and weeks. It has been snowing every single day for the last 7 days, some days are more than others, but it is still coming. Compare to last years we are having an amazing snow condition. Snow depth is closing to 80cm now, but with the milder temperatures we are probably looking at a solid 70cm by the end of this weekend.

10AM update: -1 Celsius, foggy, light snowfall, low visibility in higher regions, but fair visibility in central and southern parts. All the trails to the South and Trimloype have been prepared today.
With the fresh snow and mild temperatures we had fairly tricky conditions yesterday, but once we get the colder weather (which we are expecting in next days or so) it would consolidate nicely for the upcoming weeks.


Unknown said...

Yay! Brilliant week skiing, and looks set for a good couple of months - we need to get back soon! Have a great season.

Robert said...

Thanks for coming it was nice to see you all.