Friday, 15 January 2010


Good morning at 8AM: -14 Celsius, clear sky, light breeze from N. Today is the first day for more than a week when it could be warmer here than in the Valley below. According to weather forecast we might have some precipitation coming in this weekend (clouds, light snowfall). Most of the trails are covered with "hoar frost", but in good condition (Kyrkjegardsfjellet was cut again yesterday).
10PM update: Most of the trails have been cut again (Uksan, Svartfjellet, Veslefjellet and Trabeliafjellet). A little bit windy now and the temperature increased to -10 Celsius from -18 C in a few hours, there might be a change... but not much.
I spent a day out marking and checking conditions all around, collected about 6 norwegian miles and found some interesting shots.

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