Thursday, 7 January 2010

Weather update

8AM: -26.3 Celsius...dejavu feeling if I looked at yesterday's condition, light air from North. More trails have been prepared including Forestadseter, Svartfjellet and Uksan. Cold days in Northern Europe , UK coldest close to -20 Celsius, Norway below -40 Celsius and it is still getting colder. Hopefully not for long. I had a training last night and I covered most of my face to survive the cold spells along streams and lower areas, but It was fun and beautiful....listening to a steamtrain very close.


Sven said...

Looks good ! - Thanks for your efforts and your most interesting blog, this is really good. Keep up the good work ! Happy new year !

Best regards

Robert said...

Thanks Sven! All the best for you too! Keep blogging :)

Sabine said...

Does it still smell like horse Robert? :) How are you?