Monday, 18 January 2010

Light snowfall continues

7AM: -9.7 Celsius, light snowfall, light breeze from S - SE, limited visibility. Last 24hrs we had about 2.5mm of precipitation. Trails prepared yesterdays are Trimloypa, Forestadseter, Svartfjellet Rundt, Trabeliafjellet Rundt and up to Inndre Uksan towards Dorhogda.
Maybe a little weather window coming up on Tuesday. Sorry for not having photos uploaded in the last few days, but I thought I give it a rest, so you will be delighted once I start again.
8PM: Nice white and grey day with some very picturesque memories.


Ragnar Scheen said...

Dear Robert,
yes I look forward to see your photos again. I like them very much.
Ragnar Scheen

Robert said...

Thanks Ragnar. I could not hold them longer :)