Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Snowfall overnight, nice day

Good morning. 7AM: -11 Celsius, overcast, light breeze from N -NW. About 2cm of fresh snow came last night, it is calm at the moment and not snowing, expecting a little bit more snow and wind in next few days.
6PM update: Turned out to be a great day with some amazing light conditions. It was snowing, sunny, partly cloudy and ended up windy too. Temperature increased to -2 Celsius some places. Now it is -4.6 Celsius, fresh breeze from N, mixed visibility. I went out on Trimløypa for training and it was more like dumping buckets of snow on me, it was so windy that most of the tress were shaking their white jackets exactly over me. Some places I could not see anything at all for +50m. Plus it was difficult to get grip even with -2 Celsius wax on. Overall enjoyment 1-10 scale: 8.58
More snow and wind coming.

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