Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ideal weather

Good morning. Seems like we are back on inversion, colder valleys, warmer mountain tops. We do not mind at the moment, since it is still cold enough up here, at 7AM: -15.8 Celsius, light breeze from NW. I looked at maximum temperatures on Kvitfjell (around -7 C) and in the valley below (Favang -25C) it looked pretty interesting, how different it could be only a few kms apart. Svartfjellet had been cut yesterday, so most of the trails are ready for use. I think people are scared off a bit by this cold weather, because I have not seen many skiers around in the last few days (or just enjoyed watching sports on TV). Tour de Ski final climb today, just for the sake of it I go for Lukas Bauer, I hope you do not mind!

10PM: We had an amazing day out in very good conditions and with some interesting sites too (like a dead fox on Langbakken trail). Seems like animals are desperate on food sources in this extreme cold . This poor little thing possibily died by natural cause and found by others.
Sorry about my vote on Lukas Bauer, but honestly the others had no chance :), but it was another impressive winter sport weekend for Norway.
Look forward to see the Olympic Games, since I could not make the team... I mean the winter chess team :)


Terje GiƦver said...

Hi Robert,
Stopped by the hotel twice during x-mas, but you were out both times. I go for Petter Northug today.


Unknown said...

Hi Robert,
With this huge high pressure (1040!) area above you, the cold air will sink to the lower parts, isn't it?. ;-)
I've been watching (tv) the European Championship Allround skating in Hamar. Such a shame that Havard Bokko fell.. he could have made a difference, being well on the way to a very good 500m.
I hope he is back, healthy and all, at the Olympics.
Enjoy your days!

Robert said...

Sorry for Bokko, he had a great run until the crash, but he will be back even stronger. Great job from Petter as well he will be the favourite for the winter games.

Weather explanation: Warm air raises :) People feel so cold in the valleys they put more heat on, but they loose most of it, so it raises up higher :)