Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday blizzard and views

1PM update: Looking outside it seems like we are in a middle of a blizzard. It is snowing and blowing heavy - despite of the mild (+1.3 Celsius) temperature.
We just had a fun tour checking out our skisafari areas and found some amazing views including animal tracks. This could be the question of this weekend. Which animal did leave these tracks?(answer is in the title of pictures) Of course all these photos were taken before the snow came down.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert!
I don´t get any name on the pictures...
Could it be a badger, a wolf or a big dog?
Can´t be a bear, it´s too small, but what about a lnx?

Hope you´re doing good, the pictures are amzing!

Take care, Solveig.

Robert said...

Thanks for your kind words. If you point at picture -there is a line of desciption coming up down at the bottom of your screen -the answer is in it. I hope you find it.
Enjoy your weekend.