Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday -Things are changing

Minimum temperature during the night: +2 Celsius
Temperature today: +2-+3 Celsius. Changing weather; sunny, cloudy, snow for a few minutes and increasing wind, 9 m/s at the most. Colder from now on.

We went to Svartfjell today, skiing and then walking the last part to the top, and managed to reach the top exactly at the same time as it started snowing. A few minutes later it was sunny again. A tourguide should be able to plan better than that??? :-)

We have three big groups this week, and even though the conditions haven't been the best we have managed to find nice tours for everybody in different areas every day. Today we realized that the southern and central parts isn't good enough for skiing anymore, there is too much water and bare patches. The northern and eastern areas are still okay. Some Germans went from Venabu to Måsåplassen today and phoned back to tell us that the conditions were fine.

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