Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thursday on Trolloypa

Good morning at 6AM: -0.8 Celsius, light breeze from E, clear sky, great visibility. Yesterday we had our warmest day this winter, which was nice, but hopefully this weather pattern will not stay with us for too long. Today seems mild too, but we had our first minus degrees this morning -for many hours. Southern trails/ Svartfjellet/ Northern trails have been prepared in the mild conditions, so they should be in good order today. It is clearly another klister day, but weather forecast shows great improvement for the weekend, so we probably move back to "blue conditions". We are testing Trolloypa again from Rondablikk to Venabu.
Late update: Great day out with challenging conditions. Since the trails were cut long ago around Rondablikk it was a bit hard to ski on the icy surface, but once we joined Trolloypa it was a bit easier. We had to rewax - "reklister" a couple of times to adjust our skis to local conditions.
The views were amazing as usual and we progressed well. Sadly we saw more and more bare patches on ridges and even on Trolloypa itself. I think we are ready again to receive more snow. great day out with company!

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