Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Just quick report on snow and trails: South of Venabu - around Trabelia and Kyrkjegardsfjellet (partly) we have the two loops cut and also to Hogasen. (they are about 2-5 days old cuts, but still in good condition), Central area: Up to Fjellmillom (but not around Svartfjell, since we dont have enough snow cover yet), Granhaugen, Frisketjonn and up tp Lundessetra so far. North of Venabu: Uksan area has been driven but not cut, just prepared for later, still not enough cover. Trimloypa and Veslefjell Rundt are partly cut. Snow depth is around 40cm. Since it has been pretty cold in the last weeks and we did not have new snow recently, the snow transformed to powder(ish) condition. We are on green wax, but blue works as well.
Last two days have been fantastic, sunny and cold (down to minus 15 Celsius at daytime), amazing sunrises and sunsets with pink, blue and red combinations.
We are expecting snow, early next week with a front approaching, temperature should be around minus 3-7 Celsius. I keep you updated.

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