Monday, 15 December 2008

"White Monday"

"Sour cream" morning. -5 Celsius, light air, low visibility. Another picture from my window here. Please look at the labels of my posts, when you see "view from my window" that is actually taken from the same spot all the time, so you can compare and know about the current visibility and view. Even the big blog picture was taken from there. Today`s condition is more about exploring the nature from a different aspect (being short sighted), looking at snow covered trees, lichens, maybe ptarmigans and feeling the remoteness of this beautiful winterworld. Please comment on anything on the blog, so I would have an idea what people/you like. We expecting more wind tomorrow and some snow in the next few days.
Just look at the tree (it is the same one from different directions, North, West and South) and guess the wind direction.

Yes, it is from the South, all the moisture froze on the trees, building up long ice and snow needles. Now you can see that the prevailing winds are coming from south or southeast and that is actually the direction where we are getting decent precipitation from.
Have a close look at these snow needles:

I just came back from "Veslefjell Rundt", which has not been cut this season, so it took me awhile to fight my way around in the "sour cream condition". Muen behind me.

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