Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Light snow and wind

Another evening update: still snowing (light) and blowing, mild, -2 Celsius. Low pressure system is coming through, bringing some warmer air and precipitation. Hopefully it will be still in the subzero range, will see tomorrow night. Actually this mild temperature is going to have a nice effect on our powder snow, we might loose depth, but could be great for skiing around Christmas and New Year. I have just returned from my "Tuesday evening training" on Trabelia race circuit. It was a bit difficult condition, but great workout.
Finally the snow is here and coming. Even it is just light snow fall we were still looking forward to it. Current condition: - 3 Celsius, windy, limited visibility. We have about an extra 2cm of snow, but seems like it is getting reorganized by the wind, so will see what it brings. We are expecting more snow and wind today and tomorrow.


Spike J said...

Hi Rob - great to get so much info on the conditions at Venabu - I can't wait to get there !

Robert said...

I look forward to see you all again. I might be the one who picks you up. See you soon.