Friday, 19 December 2008

Sunny Friday

Back on the sunny side. -12 Celsius, sunny, light breeze, great day! Snow depth: 58-62cm. I am sure a few of you have already checked the blog for updates this morning. As you know we are getting closer to our shortest day here and at the moment sunrise is around 9:40AM and sunset is around 2:55PM, so I thought it would be nice to have some sunshine in my pictures. Normally I update the blog after 9 and try to have another one later. Once the season starts I guess I will be out most of the day that means I will be updating earlier and putting up pictures in the afternoons. Now here is time for preparing trails. Weekend forecast: Temperature between -4 and -9 Celsius, light to moderate breeze and expecting snow falls both days, but some sunny spells too. The following trails have been cut: Trimloypa, Trabelia loop, Kyrkjegardsfjellet loop, Forrestadseter-Brennflya-Oygradsseter-Stormyra, Buvatnet, Buhaugen, Granhaugen, Fjellmillom so far.

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