Monday, 8 December 2008

Welcome to our new blog! This winter I try to keep you updated with my pictures, stories of our life at Venabu Fjell. Slowly I am going to add more and more pictures of different areas and features of our beautiful world. As we are heading into the winter season I will be concentrating more on XC skiing, snow condition and pictures, but I am going to add some summer elements as well. Please keep us entertained too with your requests and comments. Thanks for joining us!


Lars på Venabu said...

Hi Robert!
We are looking forward seeing your pictures and comments. Lars

gordon said...

Hi robert

give us regular reports on the snow conditions so we know what to look forward to! also get Svartfjell trial cut this year!!!! forward to christmas gordon young

Chris_P said...

Hi Robert
Good to see that you have survived your adventures and made it back to Venabu. The trail over Svartfjell is necessary. I have got to go there this season, even if I have to walk down half way. Keep the snow coming for end of February. see you then

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
There are always options for the Svartfjell loop. If the machine can not go I could go with a snow mobile or just go around and ski it, so you would have a nice track :)

Michelle said...

Hi Rob! Love the blog and your pix have made me even more excited to be returning very soon to Venabu. Am delighted you will still be there, and look forward to hearing about your summer expeditions! I will be bringing every wool jumper I can find having seen the temperatures - & we are struggling in the UK just now. we are just not Norwegian ( or Hungarian...)

see you soon,


Robert said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the words, I look forward to see you again. It is a bit warmer now , so you can leave a few jumpers home :)
We might have some off piste options which you could join, but it depends on the snow condition.
See you soon.