Sunday, 14 December 2008

Ski-Orienteering weekend

Just a quick weather update: low clouds, bit more visibility than yesterday, little snow last night 0,5-1cm, -4 Celsius and light breeze from the southeast. Expecting light snowfalls in the next few days and temperature around -6 Celsius. Wax tips: I used green base with a layer of blue on top yesterday, worked ok, but on uphills I had to shorten my strides since there was less grip. Today I am going out on blue / blue extra. Snow condition is still a bit powderish, but in the last few days it became a little better having that extra moisture in the air.

I spent a couple of hours skiing around Holtesetervegen and Lundtjon area watching the ski-orienteers. It is pretty amazing what skills you need. I have been an orienteer for more than 20 years, so I have got an idea about the bases, but combining it with cross country skiing, it makes it extra hard, both mentally and physically. Just to give you an introduction what is actually ski orienteering:

And look at the map, I hope it makes sense.

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double-d Mountain runner said...

Looks like some great terrain. I love maps!