Thursday, 18 December 2008

"Sour Cream Thursday"

Quick update: Another two inches of snow have fallen in the last few hours, so we should be around 60cm now. Less wind and temperature is around zero. Just came back from Ringebu (20kms south in the valley of Gudbrandsdalen) experiencing some heavy rain and sleet. It is clearing now and should be a decent "subzero" night. The roads are a bit icy. No summer tires please!
Despite we had a clear sky last night and good visual of the area, now we are back again in the foggy condition. -2 Celsius, light snow (on and off), windy, low visibility. Expecting a little more snow, temperature closer to zero for today and less wind, sunny and cold day for tomorrow. Hard to tell what comes for the weekend, but probably more snow (light) and less wind. Just a reminder that the weather forecast on is just an approximate idea (pretty accurate most of the time) what could happen up here. As we are located on a plateau and surrounded by some major features (like Rondane, Jotunheim National Parks, Gudbrandsdalen) and deeper in the mainland we have a unique climate here, so it is not so easy to forecast the weather. We are normally looking at pressure (isobars) and wind details on "yr- website" and wind direction, which gives you an idea about the upcoming changes.

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