Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Back on milder temperature

Just an update again at 11:20AM: It is snowing now, light breeze, -4 Celsius.

Another important note: I will not be around from this Friday for about 7-8 days (attending on a guide training in the french alps), so I try my best to maintain the blog and even put some pictures and topics on, but of course I will not have any actual pictures from Venabu, only shots from my archive.

8AM: -5 Celsius, light air, nice and calm, overcast. Looking at the weather maps of the continent, seems like whole Europe is getting some milder weather this weekend, high pressure system bringing some warmer air from the south, but we will see how it moves and developes in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures again. I follow your steps first thing in the morning. I hope I will get to see a lot more of those...

Robert said...

Thanks for the commment. I will try my best to bring our little world closer to you all.