Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sunny Saturday,

Just another great day out in the sunshine. As I mentioned before most of the trails have been cut in the last few days, including Forbundsfjellet. Also marked to Grohogdbu and Eldabu huts and Dorfallet canyon along the Trolloypa. Making sure of the quality of the trails today I went out and tested the "Outer Circle", which is a route along the outer trails on Venabygdfjellet, covering more than 45km and going around Kyrkjegardsfjellet, Trabeliafjellet, Svartfjellet, Indre Uksan, Veslefjellet and finally around Trimloypa. Few hundred meters of climb (including Forbundfjellet, Kvandalen, etc.) and some amazing view points of the plateau. It has been a tradition here at Venabu Fjellhotell to keep track of results of skiers, who would like to have a physical challenge throughout their holiday. Some goes on BC gear and touring style on a long day out, some goes for a time and does it on racing skis (times between 3:25-8 hours) . They all have the same sort of drive: enjoy skiing and have fun in a beautiful area. My report: trails were in good condition, there were a lot of people around today, trails to the north had a bit different snow condition, since the sun was working much harder on those slopes (I had less grip there and seemed like i was not the only one who had the same experience). Temperature was also very different on lower and higher areas, having the temperature inversion in control. -15 Celsius as a start and warmed up, now we are back on -11Celsius at 10PM.

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