Thursday, 1 January 2009

First tour of 2009, "little mountain"

We had our first tour of the year today and decided to climb a small peak - Veslefjellet, which is not too far from the hotel. The peak has a perfect location with a full panorama of the surrounding peaks of Venabygdfjellet. The peak is easily accessible from Veslefjell Rundt (clockwise round) taking the long ridge after leaving Brenflya signpost. Since it is located just on the vegetation line it has its unique view of the remote-treeless north and the forrested southern areas. Looking at the first picture you can see the view towards the North with the scenic Dorfallet canyon curving in the distance. Looking at the second picture, you can spot Trabeliafjellet on the left, Dynjefjell on the right and Venabufjellhotell in the middle. Muen (1424m) , the highest peak on the plateau is also clearly visible from the top along with Grahogdbu DNT hut (well known for accomodating many "hut to hut skiers" and summer tourists, part of the Den Norske Turistforening -DNT- hut system). You can see on the third picture that Muen is easily surmountable even from the top of Veslefjell ;-)

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