Monday, 5 January 2009

Marking to Grahogdbu-DNT hut

Picture description:
  1. Signpost with names of DNT huts, Muen in the background
  2. Grahogdbu hut, looking towards the western part of Venabygdfjellet
  3. Grahogdbu hut - front, arriving from the south
  4. Looking southwest, Svartfjell and Jotunheimen National Park (highest mountain range in Scandinavia) in the far distance
  5. Main signpost at the Hut
  6. Moving towards the south to Dorafallet canyon, DNT Hut and Muen in the distance

Today we had the privilege to mark the way up to Grahogdbu DNT hut and down to Dorfallet canyon and back from the Veslefjell Rundt track. Every winter it has to be marked along with other routes connected to DNT huts. Some of them are close to the Troll-loypa route. When we mark routes we put out bamboo sticks, which is really important when skiers are traveling in harsh conditions such as heavy snowfall, fog, strong wind, "whiteout". You just need to follow the sticks. We also have bamboo sticks along ski tracks (mainly open areas) for the same reason. Fantastic area to visit, remote and beautiful, great easy level mixed trip (both piste and off piste skiing to the Hut).

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