Saturday, 10 January 2009


-7 Celsius, almost no wind, good conditions. Looking at the weather maps, I think there will be some precipitation in the next few days and next weekend with a front approaching. We would love to have more snow. The other day we checked the snow depth, it was surprisingly very low, around 35-40cm, but we also have to take the wind had into account, which swept out and reorganized the snow from certain places, so I guess we come to an agreement that we have a good cover on our trails, since we have been preparing them (all packed snow with almost ne vegetation showing through) and little a bit less outside of the tracks, maybe around 40-50cm. Some of the mountains are showing their darker colours due to the wind taking most of the snow away off from the rocky surface. Summarizing it all: good snow condition(older transformed snow) on trails, still on blue wax, expecting more snow in the next 10days.

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