Friday, 9 January 2009

Windy Friday and back on normal weather

Late update: Seems like wind is gone and we are back on normal winter weather. Clear sky, -7 Celsius. According to the forecast it will last for 2 days and we will have some warmer air again before it turns back to normal again. As I have mentioned before the Fohn wind can really interrupt our local climate in the mountains. Maximum temperature today was: +2.4 Celsius. I keep you updated.

5:30AM: We have been in the "plus" zone since yesterday evening, it is +1 Celsius at the moment. Hopefully in the next few hours it will drop back to subzero temperature. It is really windy now, so I guess the change is on the way.
As I have mentioned a few days ago, I will be away for a week, but I will try to keep you updated, especially on the weather part.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Robert,
Interesting weather you have at Venabu. I never had the idea that Norwegian winters could go up and down like you describe this morning. Nevertheless your pictures still show the kind of winter I like. Lowest temp in the Netherlands was 20.4 below 2 nights ago. Last night 16 below.
Beautifull pictures of scating and boatscating.
Have a good time this forthcoming week. Kind regards. Martin Wijn

Robert said...

Hi Martin,Thanks for the comment. Seems like we need to import some of your extreme temperatures. I was flying through the Nederlands today and I saw the frost and cold you are having. Hopefully ice skating comes back again as your number one sport;) Maybe some of those tour skating events come alive. Kind Regards