Thursday, 29 January 2009

Svabudalen Tour

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning, all the peaks were on fire. Our tour was a fantastic experience with all kinds of snow condition and terrain. Started at Gunstadseter and moving through the woods toward Svabudalen, we faced some very difficult snow condition down in the valley, very deep snow and some parts were like sugar. Once we moved above the tree line the snow became hard and icy in places. There was a great surprise waiting for us in the valley there was a massive herd of reindeers resting and eating there, amazing scene having about 800 reindeers just a few hundred meters from us. We carefully moved away not to scare them, helped by the wind too. We realized later on that we used up too much time, so we altered our plans and cut back through the open lands and the forrest before we finally arrived to Gunstadseter again. The weather was not really following the forecast, since it was pretty windy some places and overcast, sun was visible a few times, -8 Celsius almost all day.

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